I want to make this perfectly clear to anyone and everyone who reads this blog:

I am not, nor do I have any illusions of ever being a ‘prophet;’ nor am I claiming to have any special revelation or message from YHWH.

I am just a simple believer who has decided to put as much effort as possible into studying the Scriptures for himself, then sharing what I have learned and how I have come to understand the Scriptures with whomever cares to read my work.  With this in mind, I cannot stress this next point enough:

Do not take my word for anything.  Read what I have to say, test it against the whole of Scripture, then sift the wheat from the chaff for yourself.

Again, this is how I work, and it is how I believe all sincere disciples of Christ should approach YHWH’s Word (mostly because this is the method I understand the Scriptures to teach on how to study them).  But you may be different.  We are all part of the Body, and each of us serves a different purpose and in a different way.  I have no doubt that this same principle applies to how we are taught and how we learn.

As for myself: all I can say is that, looking back, there can be no doubt that the Holy Spirit has guided me in my path.   Still, I am human. So, to the extent I get things wrong, the fault is all my own: I am stiff-necked and often refuse to bend my knee so that He can teach me.  But, to the extent that I get things correct, the honor and glory is all His: I could never have understood what I now see had He not removed the scales from my eyes.

Ya willing, I pray that you will be as blessed in your studies as I have been in mine, and that you will find some small service to that end in my efforts on this blog.