Bill Gates and the COVID ‘Vaccine’

Brothers and Sisters,

It is time to cling to the Messiah, the Father and the Scriptures like never before.  Read the Word every day!  We need to bury it deep in our hearts so that, when we need it, the Lord can bring it to mind to defend us, or to help lead others to safety.  Here is one example of what I mean:

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The Man of Lawlessness and the Days of Noah

I’m not exactly sure why I feel compelled to write this post.  It could be to help me understand these issues better, or because some one else needs to read it, or both.  It could also just be my own vanity.  I struggle with vanity and pride.  I’m also not sure exactly how to write it so that it will make sense to others.  This is probably because I am still working through these issues, myself.  They are not yet clear in my own mind, so I won’t expect others to fully understand what I’m trying to explain when I don’t fully understand it, myself.  Still, I need to write this, if for no other reason than to still the voice that keeps telling me to write.  So, with that said, I return again to 2 Thessalonians 2. Continue reading “The Man of Lawlessness and the Days of Noah”

The ‘Star’ Of Bethlehem: Not A Star At All???

As the ‘Christian’ world prepares to celebrate Christmas, and celebrates the supposed ‘star’ of Bethlehem reappearing in the heavens at this time, I would like to offer an alternative take on the whole subject.  Mine is a very different understanding of the star of Bethlehem.  I suspect that many of you have never even considered this way of looking at the story, but the clues have always been there, in the Scriptures.  We just don’t pay attention as well as we should. Continue reading “The ‘Star’ Of Bethlehem: Not A Star At All???”

Spiritual Politics In Modern Times

I am well aware that many believers hold the opinion that they should not be caught up in the political maters of the material world.  I have to wonder, however, whether or not believers who belong to this camp realize just how ‘political’ Yeshua was in His time?  After all, Yeshua was constantly engaging in public confrontations with the Pharisees, Sadducees and even the Sanhedrin.  These were the spiritual and government leaders of the nation of Israel at the time.  In today’s terms, it would be the equivalent of Yeshua going into the halls of Congress and condemning the Representatives and Senators for their corruption.  So, it would be a mistake to divorce faith from politics, which leads us to the question about which we should really be concerned: Continue reading “Spiritual Politics In Modern Times”

He Will Intend To Change Times And Law…

Glenn Beck invoked a prophecy on his radio program today, November 13, 202.  He did so in connection with the Progressive political agenda.  Unfortunately, the prophecy he invoked is not about the point he sought o make with it.  Nor was his explanation of that prophecy accurate.  In short, Beck showed his lack of spiritual understanding — especially of the Prophetic Word.  Ignoring the details of this fact, which is an entirely separate issue, I’d like to address the prophecy Beck invoked.  We look now to Daniel 7:25.

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The Biblical Price Of Social And National Debt

The following video will provide you with an amazingly solid explanation of the hidden costs of Social and National debt.  This is firmly rooted in Scriptural principles.  I cannot stress how important I believe it is that every believer who finds this post make time to watch this video.  By the way, ‘Nefarious’ is a character from Steve Deace’s novelette series (feel free to stop watching at the ‘3 Questions point).

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