If we look at what is happening to our world today with nothing but human understanding, then we are never going to get the full picture.  Sure, we will be able to point to parts of it, and we could probably do so with a great deal of clarity. But no matter how clearly we see the parts, we will never be able to integrate them – at least, not without going full ‘conspiracy theory,’ which is why accusing people of being a conspiracy theorist is so effective at discrediting them.  However, if we look at what is happening to us with a Biblical world view — and by that, I mean the world view from which the Scriptures were actually written, not the view we tend to force upon them – then it is easier to understand what is happening in our world today.  We can even integrate all the pieces without much effort.  In fact, though we may not understand every detail, we might find that we understand enough to form a general idea of what will happen next.

To look at this Scripturally, think of the words from the Lord’s Prayer:

“…on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Scripture paints a picture of the material world – at least in part – as a reflection of the heavenly or spiritual realm.   Therefore, whenever we are trying to understand ‘the big picture,’ we should consider trying to look at things from this perspective.  So, how does looking at what is happening to the world today as a reflection of the heavenly realm help us to understand current events?  Well, to answer that question, we must understand a little bit of Ancient Near East (ANE) thinking.

In ANE times, there were several ways that a being could claim the status of a ‘god.’  I explain them in detail in my post on The OYL, “Qualifications for Claiming Deity Status in the Ancient Near East.”  For our purposes here, the method of claiming deity status we want to consider is the ability to bring order out of chaos.  According to Genesis, this is what YHWH did: He began by brining order out of chaos (there is a lot more to this, but that is the subject for another post).  In fact, according to Genesis, YHWH performed three things that exhibited His status as a deity: He not only brought order out of chaos, but He also spoke things into existence.  So, back to creating order.  If you are a spiritual enemy of YHWH, and you want to dethrone Him, the first thing you must do is destroy the order He created.  In other words, you must create chaos.

Now, let us look for a reflection of this in the material world.  Where do we find people who want to re-create the order of Western society, or even the natural order of this world?  Well, I have lost the story I originally wrote on this, but there is a sect of Islam that believes they can actually bring about their ‘end times’ prophecies by creating chaos in the world (this link might help explain in more detail).  This is a material reflection of the spiritual enemies of YHWH in the heavenly realm.  It happens because those spiritual forces have the ability and the authority to influence the actions of men.  In this case, that means they have caused the creation of the religion we know as Islam, and they are influencing Muslims within that religion to work toward the creation of chaos.  If they can succeed, then they can claim authority over YHWH in heaven because they will have destroyed what he created.  They will also then be free to re-create the world as they wish it.  In both cases, they will be claiming the status of deity.

There are many such reflections in our world.  I wrote about another one on The Road to Concord, in my post, “The Scaffolding is Coming Down.”  In this post, I shared the words of Woodrow Wilson, founding father of the American Progressive movement.  Wilson clearly articulated his desire to embrace the ideas of Marxism.  He saw it as the future of the ‘scientifically administrated State.’  But Wilson realized that the American People would never accept Communism, so he set out to sell it to America by calling it ‘Progress.’  This is what he meant by ‘Progressivism.’  What Wilson and the Progressives really want to do is destroy both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  Or, more correctly, they seek to eradicate the ideals and principles they expressed.  This is because those ideals and principles belong to YHWH.  The Founders clearly stated that they were building this nation upon the teachings of Scripture, and Scripture belongs to YHWH.  Therefore, if the Progressives can destroy the nation YHWH built, they can claim to be deities.  And they not only realize this, but they have boasted that this is exactly what they seek to do.  Just read the post, “The Scaffolding is Coming Down,” and you will understand.

But there is yet another reflection of the spiritual rebellion manifesting in our material world, and it is also connected to the ancient notion of claiming the status of deity.  This is the ability to speak things into or out of existence.  To see how this reflection is manifesting in our material world, we go back to the American Progressives.  These folks sincerely believe they can change all manner of things merely by speaking it into or out of being.  I would ask you to consider how they think they can create as many types of sex as they wish.  They use the word, ‘gender,’ but they mean ‘sex.’  They also believe they can change the nature of a thing simply by changing the words they use to describe and discuss it.  This is how ‘handicapped’ became ‘challenged.’  The problem is, though you change the word, you do not change the nature of the thing to which you assign that word.  If you did, then the creature known as a cat would become something else the moment I call it a gato.  This is because, as much as they might wish it to be otherwise, the men and women doing these things are no more gods than the spiritual rebels influencing their behavior.

Our modern world has grown blind to the reality of the Spiritual world around us, but the Spiritual world does not depend on whether we believe in it or not.  It is still every bit as real as we are, and the way it works is equally as real.  The more we learn about the ANE understanding of the Spiritual world, the more we will recognize this fact because we will start seeing it reflected in the material world around us.  We will see the same patterns.  We will see the same ancient symbols.  We will see all the ancient spiritual world in our world today, only we will see it manifest in modern presentations.  And why should this surprise us?  After all, much of what happens in this world is influenced by forces in the Spirit world.  And while those forces do not change that much in terms of what they seek to do and how they seek to do it, they are still intelligent beings.  They know they must change the way they present their deceptions to humans to fit into the times and culture of humanity.  Otherwise, how effective would they be?  After all, if Ishtar were to show herself in her ancient form, moderns would dismiss her as just that – ancient.  However, if she were to present herself in a more modern way, say, like the green logo on a popular coffee cup, why then, we might not only embrace her, we might even come close to worshiping her again.

Do you see what I am trying to show you here?  The Western world was built on the Judeo/Christian ideal.  In short, it is built upon the Word of YHWH.  There is a very real war going on in the Spiritual world, and the enemies of YHWH are still trying to dethrone Him.  To do this, they must destroy what He created, and that includes the Western world.  These enemies of YHWH have the power and authority to influence humans, and they use it.  If we do not see and bend our knee to the Truth (i.e. YHWH and His Son), we are in peril of falling under that influence.  In fact, many people do fall under the influence of spiritual enemies.  And there are many such enemies, which is why there are so many different ways the attempt to destroy YHWH’s creation manifests in this world.  But the common thread to every one of those manifestations is the desire to create disorder.  Then, those enemies will step in and re-create their own notion of order out of the chaos they created, thus declaring themselves to be gods.  Learn to understand this, and to look for it in our world, and you will see that I am not as crazy as I may sound.  In fact, if you learn to see it clearly enough and you might even start to anticipate the next manifestation.  But understand: you will only see it if you belong to YHWH.  Otherwise…  Well, there is a reason that YHWH’s enemies keep failing: they are not gods.


Hopefully, this passage is more understandable to you now.  Or, maybe it just took on a new or fuller meaning?

 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.


  1. Eph. 6:12 is only one of many verses that lose significance in translation. When half the U.S. population disbelieve in God and many of the rest are lukewarm, Gramsci’s recent fine-tuning of the ancient battle plan can use our technology for a final win.
    Michael Heiser’s books stand almost alone in clarifying the nature and source of our conflicts, but my church resists going beyond the flannelgraph stage of theology. They think it began with Augustine and ended with King James. Yet, a church is about the only thing that has (?) or needs a time-horizon beyond about eight years. This battle will likely be decided this year, and no one is prepared.


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