And So We’ll Begin

I have several blog pages. In the beginning, the idea was to use each one to focus on a specific area of interest, or related subjects. One blog was focused on Natural Law and the principles of liberty as the American Founders understood them. Another blog was supposed to focus on Scripture, and Biblical topics. A third blog was meant to focus on applying the principles from the first two blogs to the events of the day: a Scripture-based political commentary, if you will. The hope was that, as the blogs grew, they would become repositories of information that others could use to help them better understand our world, and to then help others to do the same. Unfortunately, I never put in the time and effort necessary to bring the idea to fruition. Well, that changes now.

Starting this weekend, I will be putting all old posts on this blog page into the archives. This way, I can sweep the deck clear — so we can start fresh — but the old posts will still be available. If I understand how this is supposed to work correctly, any and all links to my old posts should still function normally. The only thing that should change is the category status under which a post is filed. All will be erased and replaced only with the category of ‘archives.’ The idea here is to let me construct a new system of categories that will be uniform across all my blog pages while retaining all the older content. Again, this is how I think it will work. We’ll have to just wait and see if I understood the WordPress tutorial correctly.

Once I have the categories changed over and all the old posts archived, I will start to re-work the header pages at the top of each blog. Here again, I am trying to create a sort of old-fashioned card catalog, like we used in the library when I was growing up. Each page will contain a more focused area of interest related to that blog. The main page under that heading will contain a table of contents. You will be able to use that to help you look through the posts and videos that will be archived there. If I do it correctly, each header topic will — eventually — become something of a ‘class’ on the given subject. Here again, I am looking to create a sense of uniformity across all my blogs, and to present the information I share in a way that is not only easily understood by you, but also readily sharable with your friends and family.

Finally, as soon as I can finish the work necessary to re-structure my blog pages, and to tie them together, I will start posting pod casts and video messages. I also hope to create an old style forum, where we can have and archive interactive discussions about anything we like. Ultimately, I hope to create a community here: a community of those who seek to better understand, not only the ‘hows,’ but also the ‘whats‘ and the ‘whys‘ of out world. I also hope to make it so this community will edify and lift up those who become part of it, and not tear down or divide. Personally, I doubt I can make any of this happen, myself. So, if it works, I can guarantee now, before it even starts: any and all success that flows from what I am about to try will be of the Lord’s doing and not of mine.

OK, watch for the changes to start over the weekend. It will be an on-going process. I will do just what is necessary for now to get the basic structure mapped out. I want to start with the new content as soon as possible. Once I can do that, then I will go back and clean things up a bit. Please, understand that this is not going to be anything near as well produced as what you are used to from people who do this sort of thing. I do not have the technical skills or resources needed to put out ‘professional’ quality posts or videos. Besides, even if I could, I probably wouldn’t. I much prefer a more personal tough, so I think, as long as it doesn’t distract from our ability to learn from and communicate with each other, any of the ‘amateur’ aspect of what we will produce will only add to that sense of intimacy in the group. I want us to all feel like friends — real friends. Not just a disembodied name on our screen. Anyway, this is the hope and the goal. Now, let’s see if we can make it happen.