We’ve Lost Another Star

It is with great remorse that I announce the passing of Rush Limbaugh. 

OTRTD sends out its heart-felt condolences and prayers to the Limbaugh family.

In the event that you can set aside whatever feelings you may have about Rush Limbaugh and focus for a moment of the spiritual meaning here, I’d like to offer a thought.  Scripture sometimes speaks of stars as symbolic of teachers.  Scripture also speaks about the things that provide us a sense of security as being pillars which support the world and hold all things together.  Well, those same Scriptures tell us that, as time draws closer to the end and the ultimate return of the Messiah, all the pillars of this world will be shaken, and teachers will be hard to find.  If you cannot look at the utter insanity that has gripped the world, and at how many giants of our global society have left us in the last couple years and see that the pillars have been shaken, and our teachers are falling away…  Well, if you can’t tell the spiritual season of the time, I would suggest you might need to hit your knees and beg for the scales to be removed from your eyes.

No, I do not mean to suggest that Limbaugh was a spiritual teacher, but neither did he deny the Lord.  And there is no denying that he did teach many.  But I merely saw an event that will — no doubt — shake a great many people to point out there is a much greater sign we should notice.  Unfortunately, I know many will miss it.  I pray you are one who sees those signs, understands what they mean, and who will act accordingly.