Before I’m Accused Of Double-Speak

I posted two posts on my blogs today that, to people who do not think, will appear to be hypocritical.  Such people will read them and then tell me I am telling believers not to resist evil, but then, I turn and tell Patriots to use violence.  Like I said: only those who do not think or understand will draw this conclusion.  To those who do think, they will understand my two posts are in perfect alignment with each other.  However, for anyone who might be caught somewhere in between, I offer this simple explanation.

In the following post, I urge believers to obey YHWH and to submit to the laws of Man if and when YHWH’s Laws conflict with Man’s:

Beck: Continue To Trust ‘The System?’

Then, in this post, I tell Patriots not to take up arms, but to use discipline to push right to the razors edge of violence in resisting tyranny:

It’s Not Insanity, But Neither Is It Integrity

So, the question at hand is, how can I urge peace to believers but violence to Patriots?  Well, the answer lies in understanding what violence actually is.  Simply put, violence is the use of force.  The problem for most people is that they immediately think force of arms, but that is not necessary to the definition of ‘violence.’  The ongoing destruction of our legal system is an open application of force.  An shouting match is a use of force.  Even a civil debate in a controlled environment can be an application of force.

Definition of force

1a(1) : strength or energy exerted or brought to bear : cause of motion or change : active power the forces of nature the motivating force in her life
(2) capitalized used with a number to indicate the strength of the wind according to the Beaufort scalea Force 10 hurricane
b : moral or mental strength I was impressed by the force of his character.
c : capacity to persuade or convince the force of the argument

Now, read my post on The Road To Concord and then consider how you can use the discipline and teaching in my post in On The Road To Damascus to push back against tyranny, ‘right to the edge of violence.’  In more vernacular terms, I am calling for Patriots and believers to exercise civil disobedience, but not the destructive use of force.

When confronted with people who try to silence or shout you down, push back, but do it politely.  Correct them, and hold the definition of words and objective reality.  If they threaten you, correct them again.  Stay calm, but firm in your resolve.  You are on the side of Truth; wield it as a weapon.

When they try to force you to shut your businesses, open them.  If they fine or arrest you, don’t resist.  Go to jail peacefully.  If your friends or neighbors are arrested or fined, get off your butt and help!  Bail them out.  Find them an attorney, or defend them yourself.  Raise money to pay their fines.  But then, go after those local ‘officials.’  Be at every single meeting you can.  Push back.  Be polite, but challenge every single word of wrong or lawlessness they utter.  Then remove them from office — even if you have to run for their office.

This is force.  It works, and it is totally within the teachings of Scripture.  Heck, when you correct these lawless people, say, “So says the Lord” (just make sure you know how to properly cite the Scriptures).  Witness to them.  Tell them they are wrong.  If the opportunity presents, go full John the Baptist on them, and tell them they are sinning.  But do it humbly, so that you do not dishonor the Father.

This is why both posts compliment each other, not contradict each other.


By the way: when people tell you there is no excuse for political violence, remember that all politics is an application of violence — and that is by definition.  What they should say is that there is no justification for lawlessness.  This is an entirely different thing from violence, and it preserves those times when physical force or violence is not only appropriate, but our duty.  For example: if a person is burning down a building with people in it because they think they have the right to ‘protest,’ you have a duty to stop them — even if you have to do physical harm in the process.  This is because we have a duty to protect the innocent from the lawless.  This is why I so vehemently reject these ignorant calls to reject violence: because those issuing those calls are acting lawlessly!